Monday, June 28

When all else fails go to Borders.

I went out this morning to pick up a new pair of sandals but was soul-crushingly disappointed.  As it turns out Bob's Clothing Store only sells brown sandals.  They had a wide variety of brown sandals, but nearly exclusively brown sandals.  I didn't want brown sandals so I left.  I went to Borders.

Picked up a copy of Daniel Keyes' Flowers for Algernon.  I hope to read sometime this summer.

Sunday, June 27

I just blacked out for a second . . .

So the last post was at the beginning of April and it is now the end of June.  I think I missed some updates.

I can't remember everything that I bought in that time period, so I'll just jump right to the present and tell you all that this morning I picked up a copy of Minority Report and The Devil Wears Prada on DVD for $4 each.

Here's hoping that I'm more attentive to the avidly-loyal WRWR fan base from now on.