Thursday, July 22

Family Shopping

Family was visiting at my parents house this week so I spent a few days home to see everyone. However, I forgot to pack any of my belts for my trip so I just had to go out to the mall, what a shame.  I got a tan leather belt at H&M and put it on in the mall restroom to keep my pants from falling down every couple of feet.  I also bought a new hat at Banana Republic.  My grandma had a coupon for Kohl's that she wanted to use so we shopped around for bit and I got two t-shirts: one bright-orange, faux-vintage Reese's Peanut Butter Cup and the other a light- and dark-brown ringer with Smokey the Bear.  Our final stop was at Borders where picked up LCD Soundsystems' "Sound of Silver."

End of the day I had a pretty good haul and it was nice to see the family.

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