Thursday, July 15

It's Official: I'm an Adult

So yesterday morning I went out to the mall to use one of my Banana Republic coupons and had a very successful trip.  I found a silk/cashmere sweater that was pretty rad, and while I was in the fitting room trying it on the sales lady kept talking to me. . .it was a little awkward.  But it was made right by her telling me that my coupon was actually good for 40% off two items!  How 'bout that?  So I looked around some more and found some socks on sale for $3 and picked up another elephant-logo t-shirt (this one navy, my one from the other day is white).  On top of my coupon savings Karen, the sales lady, tells me that I can save another 15% by opening a Banana Republic credit card.  I figured I would give it a try though I had low hopes of being approved, but I guess college kids with part-time employment and no credit history are exactly who they are looking for because I got it.  I have to say having a Banana Republic credit card makes me feel pretty sophisticated.
Total Savings: $39.16

I then went to Best Buy and picked up MGMT's Ocular Spectacular and Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix by Phoenix at $10 a piece.  Not bad.

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